Suddenly the melting pot of toys came alive! Playthings gathered around to study the new arrival. There were murmurs about how the cube did not see this one coming. Then a shriek came from atop the dresser. It was a blue spray bottle with a battery-powered fan on top. "Oh, my department store Santa! I can't believe he forgot me! It is going to be hot on their vacation so now Junior will have to get another one! There is no room for two spray bottle fans on the dresser!" The misting fan scowled at the puzzled wind-up dog, "Pet dander, it's your fault for distracting the lad and making him forget!"

"Operation Tail Wagging the Dog, on me!" commanded a disembodied voice. Ropes lowered from the shelf above. Other Major Smith O'Reens figures repelled down to the shelf of unusual suspects for inspection of the automaton puppy. The contingent of big guns were the same muscle-bound hero but varied in size and quality—one was 3D printed, fully articulated, sporting a flocked beard, and another was an injection molded plastic prize from a cereal box. Each wore specialized battle rattle for specific missions. The parallel universe version was clad in an asymmetrical cape. Last to descend was an oversized representative just like the scuba cop Muhammad took with him except outfitted in olive drab safari fatigues with a secret file in his pocket stating he was wanted for a crime he didn't commit.

The strong-jawed major stood with his herculean arms akimbo to greet the robotic dog in a friendly manner, but his demeanor quickly switched and he approached like a bad weather front to tell the newcomer to stay in its place. "Spoiler alert, Sparko: You're a knickknack! While we authentic toys take the risks of being broken, chewed, or lost, you quasi ornaments sit on this safe enclave in contentment year after year and become collectibles after a child grows up that are handed down to the next generation!" The quintessential tough guy like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Norris and Lee rolled into one pointed to a kite hanging from the ceiling. "Each mission it goes wheels up on is probabilistically its last. Chances are if it doesn't get stuck in a tree, the string will accidentally be let go!" The kite could barely stand to listen to these kitemare scenarios and its tail shook frantically.

Toy soldiers inspect new addition

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