Puyallup Mansion

The time travelers cut through a flock of sheep grazing in a field where the herd of cars used to--or would be in the commuter rail parking lot by the pristine mansion. The unannounced pair introduced themselves to the futurist while presenting the engineering drawing of the breakthrough machine they serendipitously found in the atlas.

The bespectacled, impeccably dressed architect of space and time recognized his revolutionary design with a wink. "Annus mirabilis! I jot ideas on anything handy, you should see all the napkins in the filing cabinet. Thanks for returning this, and sorry you two heirs of tomorrow did not get that comic book." The children exchanged a look. "Too soon?" the innovative handyman asked.

The timekeeper put the piece of paper on the curling flames of a burning log in the fireplace as he explained how traveling between times is like magic. The self-made visionary walked to the oblique bookcase-lined study to find the atlas. Elias flipped through the pages almost quicker than the eye could perceive until the same paper appeared. The ageless engineer continued to say that the latest iteration of his invention was a pocket watch, but they would go old school with the Tempus Fugit to get Darrell and Tallah back.

They stepped onto the veranda by the butterfly wind chimes which hung above the spot to commemorate where nearly two decades from this date the inventor's now infant daughter would accept a proposal from her beloved. The groundbreaking technologist called to his wife as though there were no special hurry, "Love, back in a tick."

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