Under a glowing gibbous moon, breakers collided against a savagely beautiful cliff in explosions of whitewater reeling off cloudy swirls of mist into the air. At a pebbly clearing, Pick found a Humvee-sized striated boulder that looked like it had been split by a bolt of lightning. He drove an anchor in the ground to fasten a climbing rope then descended into a pit cave sweeping away spider silk. An opening populated with glow worms revealed a natural wonderland of flowstone draperies inside a massive cavern with a ceiling like that of a great basilica. Lofty pillars fused together in wild confusion of all conceivable configurations. His frame in silhouette from a single shaft of moonlight shimmering off an underground lake, the accomplished antiquarian dropped onto the uncanny rock formations below.

Treasure hunter in cave

While Pick waited he remembered the lake where he fished when he was young. Some years when the conditions were right, algae grew in the water until it formed a shell that floated up to the surface forcing rainbow trout to pop out on top of the algal blooms. Farmers there said the lake "turned." The treasure hunter anticipated this lost lake was also about to turn.

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