Studio Workplace

Animation studio desk with signature of Hal Sutherland

Hal Sutherland (1929–2014), an artist fascinated with painting the beauty of the American wilderness, the people who lived on its frontier and persevered its hardships—often with a humorous approach; Disney animator, and co-founder of the animation studio Filmation, was a treasured friend. It's an honor and inspiration to work on this desk he gave me. Built by the studio carpenter for Hal in 1965, the drawing board was with him during The Batman/Superman Hour, The Archie Show, Emmy Award-winning Star Trek: The Animated Series, and many more Saturday morning cartoons.

When Hal talked about his studio days I tried to always let him choose the things he wanted to recall and discuss. But after he offered the desk—and the astonishment wore off, I had to ask if Gene Roddenberry ever leaned against the work table while they made Star Trek: The Animated Series. Hal thought, then with a smile said during the show Gene's office was adjacent to his and they often sat together at the desk.


Click the frame below for hand-drawn animation in pencil form of the handcrafted character Petals and Her Paintbrush.

Cartoon character model sheet

Click on the frame below to take a computer-animated thrill ride around the world.

Amusement park attraction concept development animation

Press the PLAY button below to view preliminary story development animation for that good egg BUCK BUCKAA!

Animation background design art

Animated character waves

Character Experience

Meet your heroes

Meeting characters at a winter holiday night parade and tree lighting.

Cartoon characters from the studio appear at a winter festival

Season's Greetings from Rod Cockle Entertainment

Happy Holiday Wishes from the studio

First Look

Handcrafted plush toy collectible Petals and Her Painbrush

Here's a glimpse at the huggable plush toy Petals and Her Paintbrush collectible. Petals is handmade with multi-colored fleece material under-stuffed with polyester fibers. Her paintbrush is a combination of felt and fleece. Petals has child safe embroidered eyes, suitable for ages 3 and up.

Night light design

"Multiple colors flew from the paintbrush bristles and splashed onto the wall dripping into the shape of a door with luminescence like stained glass, opened by a doorknob that hummed a lovely song."

Design for Petals and Her Paintbrush inspired night light. Packaging made from handmade paper embedded with flower seeds to draw on, plant, and grow.

Studio Handiwork

Volunteer work for a nonprofit organization sewing feeding tubes and other medical equipment into stuffed animals given to children with matching medical needs so they have a friend through good times and hard times.

Feeding tube plush toys

It was a joy one Christmas to arrange the nonprofit's holiday fundraiser. I asked It's A Wonderful Life actress Karolyn "Zuzu Bailey" Grimes to sign the wings of an angel themed stuffed animal for the auction and she graciously donated a signed copy of her book. The bear even plays a heartwarming message that Karolyn recorded when you press its paw. Here is the image I created for the event—

Karolyn Grimes with feeding tube stuffed animal

Announcements for an inclusive community program stage performance by participants of all abilities.

Artwork for a musical stage play by actors of all ages and abilities near Seattle, WA

Set designs and construction for a Seattle nonprofit theatrical company.

The Mousetrap stage set
Crimes of the Heart play setting

Concept designs and fabrication for annual springtime Daffodil Festival parade floats.

Pierce County Daffodil Festival Grand Floral Parade train and ship float designs

Promo artwork for Star Trek Continues, a fan-created web series dedicated to completing the five-year mission of the starship Enterprise featuring Chris Doohan, son of Star Trek's original "Montgomery Scott" James Doohan, with guest stars such as Lou Ferrigno, and Erin Gray.

Star Trek Continues facebook artwork

Social media promotional comic book character design for actress Michele Specht.

Michele with comic book legend Stan Lee

Creative Process

Two artists filming a documentary while sitting in a park having a conversation about the creative process

Director Keith Woodard II and I met at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, for an immersive conversation exploring the creative production process of the studio as an article in his documentary film series to capture inspirational moments into digital journals with artists sharing details about their work.