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...or candy coated sponge cake with marshmallow creme filling.

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Immediately won over! Review by Julia J.
"Whether you are still reading to your child or the child is learning to read for him or herself, there are many stories that are sure to hold their interest. Not only has Rod done a fantastic job at writing these stories, but the graphics are equally impressive. Itís like having your own library of childrenís books right on your own computer! There are also a couple of easy-to-play games that will help improve your childís eye/hand coordination. And while you are there, be sure to check out the activities. You can print them out so that your child can work through them again and again. After reading the stories myself, I recommended RodCockle.com to many of the young parents I know and asked for their comments. I have yet to hear anything but positive feedback. I encourage you to go check out this site for yourself. Not only will you want to bookmark this, but I believe that you will also be recommending this to other parents!"

Unique approach to presenting reading in a fun light. Honored to be listed in SBI's Title 1 Reading News:
"February is the month of love! Some students love reading more than others. If your child isnít one of those readers who naturally enjoys or loves it, sometimes a technological approach to reading helps. I have found the following websites to be helpful and appropriate..."

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