Chava, a girl with autism drawing at desk

Chava smiled merrily in the throes of drawing a composition. The dreamer-upper drew around her right hand, and then placed her left hand over the picture to trace it. After making eyes and a mouth, the seven-year-old added a paintbrush to the character's hand. "Are you an artist too?" she asked in sign language.

Young artist with autism handcrafting a colorful drawing

As Chava finished making use of the whole color wheel her dad signed to his nonverbal daughter on the autism spectrum. "Remember how sometimes your mom and I talk about after you were born, to celebrate your birth we went to buy a pink flowering cherry tree? There was only one floriferous cotton candy sapling left and it was small and split down the middle, but just felt like the perfect tree. And since then at least one flower has bloomed through all four seasons, even on Christmas morning, because impossible things happen every day." He gave his daughter the tiny rosebud cherry blossom. "If you put the flower between two sheets of paper and cover it with a heavy book it will press flat for your memory album where you can keep it always."

Little Chava placed the flower on the adorable character she drew, then covered it with another sheet of paper and laid a thick book on top. After the child with long dark auburn hair was ready for bed her mother peppered her with kisses, tucked her in, and turned off the light. Dots of glowing phosphorescent paint that her dad speckled on the ceiling and walls twinkled to create an illusion of the room falling away under a star-spangled firmament. Goodnight, Petals, Chave yawned thinking of her new imaginary friend on the desk.

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