Gourmet pizza cooking in wood fired oven

After returning where she hung out her shingle with a wood fired pizza oven in a converted storage room at ole Red's car parts store, Janaki and Ora made deliveries until their last order of the night to Dr. Menzies, an astronomer in charge of a ramshackle observatory on the outskirts of town. The preoccupied doctor was lost in thought when he greeted Janaki at the door. She smiled, admiring how he looked like his love for celestial observations got him up in the morning, kept him awake at night, and he dreamed of the heavens while he slept. Suddenly alarms beeped. The planet hunter rushed to his refractor telescope pointed skyward out of the spherical room.

An electric van of indeterminate manufacture snaked its way up the winding road and parked silently in front of Ora. The mobile command unit's rear doors flung open. Walls in the transport were lined with collections of high-tech equipment. A figure obscured by shadows jumped out and sprinted to the observatory research vehicle. With an eerie economy of movement, the mysterious stranger began to dismantle the theoretician's motorhome. Ora trundled forward like the parking brake wasn't set enough. The cargo van's doors bumped shut with a slam and its bumper hooked to the four by four.

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