Chrome letters spelling Ora sparkled on the grille of Janaki's competition gold four-wheel drive and another accessory had been added—a lighted magnetic sign on the soft top read: "Ora's Pizza Delivery." The young woman handed a warm pizza box through a gatehouse window to the forest officer, something she did from time to time to say "thank you" for the ranger's help during a blizzard on the snow-capped mountain. Ora stalled for a moment when it was time to leave as if the small SUV wanted to visit longer. Janaki smiled awkwardly, "Classic Ora."

Gourmet pizza cooking in wood fired oven

After returning to the wood fired pizza oven set up in a converted storage room at Old Red's car parts store, Janaki and Ora made deliveries until their last order of the night to Dr. Menzies, an astronomer in charge of a ramshackle observatory on a hill at the outskirts of town. Janaki knocked on the door. The doctor greeted the young woman, but suddenly alarms beeped. The professor rushed to his refractor telescope pointed skyward out of the spherical room.

An electric van snaked its way up the winding road and parked silently in front of Ora. The silver van's rear doors flung open. Walls in the transport were lined with collections of high-tech equipment. A figure obscured by shadows jumped out and sprinted to the observatory research vehicle. With an eerie economy of movement, the mysterious stranger began to dismantle the motorhome. Ora trundled forward like the parking brake wasn't set enough. The cargo van's doors bumped shut with a slam and its bumper hooked to the four by four.

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