As a minivan with a Baby On Board sign in the rear window stopped at a crossroads, a sunglow yellow four-wheel drive customized from bumper to bumper sped up from behind. The reckless driver of the runabout became distracted. Just as the souped-up four by four was about to crash, it sputtered and veered off the highway. The freewheeling vehicle smashed through a fence breaking an OFF-ROAD emblem on its grille. The letters which remained were slid together to spell the name Ora.

Close-up of Ora

The minivan driver pulled away unaware of the close call. A toddler named Janaki smiled from her car seat at the atomic-colored convertible as she said her first words, "Four-wheel drive."

Soon, many owners of the compact sport utility vehicles reported that their four by fours were "behaving badly." The press liked to point out that the gremlin-plagued machines would be discontinued in the United States because of falling sales.

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