"Yes it is," Tripp said with trepidation.

"Then I was sent to give ye this!" The blindfolded envoy pulled out a scroll of parchment. "Yer great-grandpa's map leadn' to Heart Isle; the poor man's Garden o' Eden! Thar ye'll find the ensorceled basket an' jar!" With that the deathly pale bat contorted through the doorway, wings flapping wildly in a blur to hook the door shut behind it both tight and well.

Tripp with treasure map

The big-eared mouse broke the wax seal securing the weathered cartograph to unroll a drawing of a cockleshell-shaped island with an X marking the center. Around the edges were rhymes and riddles. The first one was this:

The essential compass points by a needle o' light.
O'er the unforgetting tide 'tis shining bright.

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