Large capital letter Once there was a field mouse named Tripp. The mouse was the great-grandson of Captain Jamal, a skipper of high repute until he disappeared in search of a legendary basket of cheese and jar of milk which magically refilled themselves. While circumnavigating the globe with an animal crew recruited from such diversity that to the casual observer looked like a reimagining of Noah's ark, a tornado over the ocean swept up the captain's ship and neither he nor a chip of wood from a plank of his vessel were ever seen again.

One night there was a scratch, scratch, scratch, at Tripp's door. A hooked claw slipped through the crack to pick the latch. Powdery snow drifted in small whirlwinds around the twisted silhouette of a bat. The mysterious stranger scurried into the light to reveal ghostly white hair and smiled through whiskers with a mouthful of crooked teeth, "Dost this be the 'ouse o' Cap'n Jamal's descendant?"

Animated bat appears at door

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