Large capital letter Once there was a field mouse named Tripp. The mouse was the great-grandson of Captain Jamal, a skipper of high repute until he disappeared while searching for a treasure every mouse dreamed ofa legendary basket of cheese and jar of milk which magically refilled themselves. A tornado over the ocean swept up the captain's ship and neither he nor a chip of wood from a rough-sawn plank of his vessel were ever seen again.

One night there was a scratch, scratch, scratch, at Tripp's door. A hooked claw slipped through the crack to pick the latch. Powdery snow drifted in small whirlwinds around the twisted silhouette of a bat. The mysterious stranger scampered into the light to reveal ghostly white hair and smiled through whiskers with a mouthful of crooked teeth, "Dost this be the 'ouse o' Cap'n Jamal's descendant?"

Animated bat appears at door

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