With dozens of writhing muculent tentacles, Lucille sported a pearly shell on her shaven head that twirled into a Fibonacci spiral like a twisted witch's hat. Elaborate tattoos adorned her heliotrope-tinted arms, shoulders, and neck. "Earth was once covered with water. The look I am after here is retro!" The hotshots swooped down with top gun skills in front of the rapscallion. Lucille's dark eyeliner accented her glowing irises and constricted slit pupils. Her translucent eyelids blinked horizontally and widened with fear as she recoiled, "That sofa is horrid! I'm not here to judge... but this guy needs a shrink." She burgeoned into a huge wriggling mass to telescope the human named Noy from behind, but the stealth operatives shrunk the outlaw back down.

Man watches TV with monster behind sofa

While the enforcers struggled with the fashionable rogue, Noy plunked on the couch as his phone recorded a message. The woman's voice on the speaker complained how he never listened and she was tired of being taken for granted. Noy wasn't paying attention, channel surfing for something good to watch, but frustrated every station only broadcasted news about the solar eclipse occurring later that day.

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