I am an artist I am not a business. My work is handmade, in the simplest sense of the word. From the early stages of the storytelling process drawing and writing ideas in sketchbooks, even on napkins if need be, I love to create with multimedia which allows the material to be shared instantly and then constantly evolve. It changes through time like when you walk a familiar trail's ecosystem, but the light is different, a flood has washed away part, or in the spring cottonwood fluff falls like snow... and it's a joy to see how the themes of the stories intertwine, reinforcing each other.

Cartoon characters come to life at Rod Cockle Entertainment, handcrafted in Washington State

Rod Cockle Entertainment presents original family-friendly productions for a connected, global audience. Visitors everywhere are invited to explore this adventurous destination and have a heartwarming experience that brings a smile. Since its foundation the studio has been dedicated to sparking guests' imaginations by crafting engaging attractions with compellingly unforgettable characters brought to life through captivating illustrations, animation, and more. The innovative content is free for all to share again and again in hope of creating a lifetime of fond memories and inspiring dreams for the future.

Original content development and production studio Rod Cockle Entertainment

Classrooms from around the world visit RodCockle.com for an educational resource. The site has been included in programs which teach and reinforce literacy skills to students with reading difficulties, a foster care program for reading comprehension, and a project that brought art to children at hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. Petals and Her Paintbrush participated in a program in which police officers give stuffed animals to comfort kids in distress.

Logo for digital media studio Rod Cockle Entertainment with caption: Imaginative adventures for the whole family

The independent digital media production studio will continue to cherish building this convivial entertainment destination by developing a signature style of meaningful stories that celebrate diversity and inclusion with intriguing mythology for guests wherever they are of all ages, and especially those who are young at heart.

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