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Cockle--like the heart-shaped seashell--Entertainment presents uplifting family-friendly productions for an interconnected, global audience. The small studio has been dedicated since its foundation to sparking guests' imaginations by crafting magical places with compellingly unforgettable characters through captivating stories, illustrations, animation, and more.

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My work is handmade in the simplest sense of the word. From the nascent sky's the limit, dreaming in color part of the storytelling process drawing and writing in sketchbooks, even on napkins if need be, I love to create utilizing a tech-driven, direct-to-visitor model dot-com thing which allows the material to be brought to life instantly and then constantly evolve into being all over the worldwide stage.

Cartoon characters come to life at Rod Cockle Entertainment

In this electronic form of communication the narrative can be dreamed into reality and then built in new directions by editing and refining the text and images. It changes through time like when you wander a familiar trail's ecosystem of meandering paths and winding streams to discover sunlight is cast differently from transitional weather, a tree fell because of a storm, or in the spring cottonwood fluff falls like snow... and it's a joy to see how the themes of the stories intertwine synergistically to reinforce each other.

Kingston, WA - Family entertainment production studio Rod Cockle Entertainment

Visitors everywhere are invited to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos, journey throughout time, search for hidden treasure, and embark on heroic quests in this adventurous digital frontier; and most of all to have a heartwarming experience that brings a smile.

Family entertainment made the Cockle way

RodCockle.com provides unlimited access to visual storytelling resources for educators and students around the world. The imaginative enterprise has been included in programs which teach and reinforce literacy skills to students with reading difficulties, a foster care program for reading comprehension, and a project that brought art to children at hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. Petals and Her Paintbrush participated in a program in which police officers give stuffed animals to comfort kids in distress.

Original family-friendly productions are presented by Rod Cockle Entertainment for visitors worldwide to enjoy for free

Over time I have found this long-term experiment is how I define myself in that joyful days are an inspiration to build into the stories, just as in dificult situations I still turn to the material to reflect on what is important and matters to me. It is cathartic to be able to communicate these thoughts about life filtered through a prism of fantasy sometimes fueled by an occasional late-night snack (I'm looking at you frozen box of peanut butter Tagalongs), creating what feels like a fun conversation with cups tied on a string within this online community, village really, in a stream of consciousness as fast as inspiration strikes with fused sentences--sewn together with dashes, rivets of colons, bolted by commas, ellipses...

Small studio Cockle Entertainment with a heart-shaped cockleshell behind the logo

And you never know when an unexpected moment will present itself like one time pulling a pan of puffy Dutch babies out of the oven it just seemed right to be the volcanic landscape of a comet for a starship to land and boom, that just happened.

Dutch Baby Recipe

- Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

- Put 4 tablespoons butter in a 9 by 13 inch glass baking dish and place in the oven.

- Mix 6 eggs in blender for 1 minute.

- Add 1 1/2 cups milk, 1 1/2 cups flour, and 1 teaspoon salt, and mix for 30 seconds.

- Pour into heated baking dish.

- Bake for 20 minutes.

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The digital media production house will continue to cherish establishing this convivial entertainment destination by developing a signature style of meaningful stories that celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion with intriguing mythology for guests wherever they are of all ages, and especially those who are young at heart.

Pacific Northwest entertainment production studio: RodCockle.com - Kingston, WA

The innovative content that is a hallmark of the studio is completely free for everyone to share again and again in hope of creating a lifetime of family memory making and inspiring dreams within dreams for the future.

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Immediately won over! Review by Julia J.
"Whether you are still reading to your child or the child is learning to read for him or herself, there are many stories that are sure to hold their interest. Not only has Rod done a fantastic job at writing these stories, but the graphics are equally impressive. It's like having your own library of children's books right on your own computer! There are also a couple of easy-to-play games that will help improve your child's eye/hand coordination. And while you are there, be sure to check out the activities. You can print them out so that your child can work through them again and again. After reading the stories myself, I recommended RodCockle.com to many of the young parents I know and asked for their comments. I have yet to hear anything but positive feedback. I encourage you to go check out this site for yourself. Not only will you want to bookmark this, but I believe that you will also be recommending this to other parents!"

Unique approach to presenting reading in a fun light. Honored to be listed in SBI's Title 1 Reading News:
"February is the month of love! Some students love reading more than others. If your child isn't one of those readers who naturally enjoys or loves it, sometimes a technological approach to reading helps. I have found the following websites to be helpful and appropriate..."

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